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Rental Studio for video, photography, and virtual productions

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We are a full-service studio for all of your production needs. Our services include studio and equipment rentals. We also provide you with production supplies, set production, and building without forgetting catering services. G-studios has been home to countless productions for tv commercials and music videos, as well as product shoots, advertising and editorial photo shoots, and many more. Wherever your creative production takes you, we are here to help throughout the process!

Studio spaces


Staging services


Our 350 square meter CYC studio is located in Konala, Helsinki, and it is at your disposal in its entirety or can be divided into a smaller 130 square meter section. The studio rental also includes amenities with a mask room, comprehensive kitchen facilities, and a dining area.



Hinta alkaen 900 €/päivä


Hinta alkaen 600 €/päivä

Let us do your job easy! There is no need to rent a truck and drive around the city to get all the equipment you need for your production. We collect the equipment of your choice ready for your production. If you need something we don’t have in stock, we’ll find it at our partners.


Get your shit together!

At G-studios, we do everything we can to make your production run smoothly according to your plan. We will help you find the best equipment regarding the budget. We have diverse and comprehensive equipment for all your needs and professionals who are ready to help you through the entire production. When you arrive at the studio, you will find the equipment waiting ready!

With well-designed and executed sets, you create a visually impressive production and a pleasant experience for the viewer. We offer high-quality staging services for TV, advertising, and film productions, among others. From us, you will find ready-made wall elements for cost-effective staging. When you need help with the design, implementation, and construction of the sets, get in touch 


Hammer & Nails!

At G-studios you will find prefabricated wall, window and door elements for cost-effective staging. In addition, we build custom stage solutions for all your needs. Get in touch when you need help with the design, implementation and construction of the sets.

We arrange a full catering service from breakfast to lunch or dinner, not forgetting snacks and refreshments. Good food and a full stomach are the recipe for success for a successful production day.



We have several catering suppliers, all of whom are able to supply a wide range of high-quality lunch options, taking into account special diets.

Meiltä saat myös alan ammattilaisapua, niin stilli, kuin videotuotantoihinkin.


Palvelu pelaa

Meiltä löytyy osaamista moniin eri tehtäviin sekä kattava verkosto, jonka kautta saamme myös ammattimaista apua tuotantojen kaikkiin tarpeisiin.

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