Year of foundation
Studio Cubic Volume

G-studios was founded in 2016 and is located in Konala, Helsinki, in a 4,000 square meter property. There are also many other players in the building with good synergies. Among other things, the professional photography store Studiovarustamo.fi serves on the second floor.

Why G-studios?

At G-studios, we want to be more than just a studio. We focus on flexible and cost-effective service and strive to serve and do more than what is expected of us. We are open when you demand it!

Full service

We work in constant collaboration with a wide network of professionals in the field and can offer additional assistance ranging from make-up to interior design and props. We bring professionals to your aid and together with your production we climb to the highest step.

Our rental equipment comes from the best and most well-known manufacturers in the industry, such as ARRI, AVENGER, ASTERA LIGHTS, ROSCO, PROFOTO and many more.

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