The biggest CYC studio in Finland

Helsingin Konalassa sijaitseva 350 neliöinen CYC studiomme on käytettävissänne kokonaisuudessaan tai on jaettavissa pienempään 130 neliöiseen osaan. Studiovuokraan kuuluu oheistiloina myös maskihuone, keittiö sekä ruokailutila.

Our Studios

When you choose to rent the entire studio, you will have access to 350m2 of space, where you will have the largest CYC wall in Finland and a wide green screen wall. An overhead diffuser covering the entire space covers the two trusses above. Some of the trusses have pre-integrated lights that can be controlled from the light table. You can also rig additional lights to the trusses based on your production needs.


alkaen 950 €/ päivä

When you choose to rent the smaller 130m2 studio, you get a customizable versatile space suitable for lighter video and still productions. This option includes plenty of space and a ceiling height of more than five meters. You also have a shooting bridge that allows you to shoot from above. The square truss above this space enables versatile rigging of lights.


alkaen 650 €/ päivä



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