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Joni Gefwert

+358 44 555 77 55

Joni from G-studios Hi! I have been more or less as an entrepreneur all my life and have worked in many different areas while I have learned many important things about customer orientation. The Audiovisual industry has always fascinated me, and in 2016 I had the opportunity to start building something new on top of an old studio in Konala. As an entrepreneurial man, I immediately seized the occasion, and this was when I established G-studios.

Over the years at G-studios, I have served a broad spectrum of people from the field. Based on this experience and customer feedback, I continually develop our service and products. I think the essential things in the industry are customer orientation and flexibility. Productions and production needs are always different, and you need to be able to react quickly. My vast contacts from the past years have accumulated over the years to the point that it is always worth asking for help here, if for one reason or another, a solution does not seem immediately available.

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